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Increase Fruits and Vegetables: Smoothie?

Kristen Sparrow • May 14, 2017

Rhonda Patrick Biochemist and Longevity Expert

From the Rhonda Patrick podcast, she advocates a smoothie with fruits and vegetables.  Either as a meal substitute or in addition to meals. Smoothie recipe and rationale here.

This confers many benefits.

  1. It greatly increases the amount of fruits and veggies consumed
  2. Increases the micronutrients your body needs so it isn’t “starving”  an important function or system in your body. The idea here is that if you deficient in micronutrients, the body will prioritize short term functions necessary for survival, deprioritizing more restorative, anti-aging processes.
  3. Increases your fiber intake which is important for the “microbiome” or gut bacteria which are so important for overall mood and health.
  4. Magnesium, in kale is rich in this.