Case Studies

HRV Stress Levels in Acupuncture Clinic: Na.Am edition

Kristen Sparrow • March 07, 2019

Stories with Data from the Clinic

This is an almost picture perfect example of an overall decrease in stress levels with acupuncture.  This, of course, does not always happen. But this data illustrates a few aspects evaluating  the data that I’ve been interested in.
Her overall HRV RMSSD and Pnn50 are midrange from 25-40, and .07 to .25 respectively.  With this level of baseline HRV, you would expect that nonlinear, complexity measures (Sampen, DFAα1) would correlate with the frequency measures.
The other aspect of interest is how she has pronounced spikes in her stress levels with needling.  This can, actually, be a sign of a robust resiliency when the levels decrease afterwards.