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End of Alzheimer’s: Bredesen and Rhonda Patrick Part 3

Kristen Sparrow • November 28, 2018

Third part of this podcast on Alzheimer’s and possible solutions.   His book can be found here.

The podcast goes on to discuss more advantages of a ketogenic diet.  It is “glucose sparing” which means that some important enzymatic reactions requiring glucose can take place.

An important aspect of amyloid plaques is that they are considered a “mediator” not the cause of the problem.  They are a reaction to some sort of pathogen or disturbance that causes inflammation.  So the idea of the Bredesen approach is that you need to address this “upstream” problem, or else the amyloid and the synaptic damage will remain.

Sleep. Crucial to clearing the damage of the day.  Amyloid, of course, but all sorts of other challenges too. (Just heard a podcast with Lebron James, it’s the first thing his coach asks him every morning is how many hours sleep he got.)

Omega 3’s Omega 3’s help to clear amyloid.

SMASH fish do also. SMASH fish are Salmon, Mackerel, Anchovies, Sardines, Herring.

Sauna.  Bredesen agrees that the effects of sauna (at least twice a week, but best at 5/week) are dramatic.  Not only for the heat shock proteins but for their detoxing qualities.  Sweat clears cadmium, mercury and BPA. Sweat from exercise (presumably Bikram yoga too) has similar benefits.

Resilience  He stresses the concept of resilience, which we’ve discussed  on the blog many times. Resilience confers the ability to withstand and recover from multiple challenges.

For the next email update I will summarize the podcast recommendations that are accessible to patients without a lot of testing or taking of hormones…  I will post that to the blog too.