Emotional Exhaustion and HRV Reaction to Venipuncture

Kristen Sparrow • May 23, 2017

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This study comes from Scandinavia and they are looking at the HRV response to venipuncture (blood drawing).  This is of interest to me, because for over 2 years now, I’ve included the needling segment in my study of HRV wondering if the actual physiological reaction to needling can tell us something about the patient and their potential response to acupuncture treatment. Full text is online.  Pdf here.Emotional Exhaustion and HRV on venipuncture Scandinavian Study

I found this part of the discussion section well put.

“Given the well-validated role of
vagally-mediated resting HRV as a trait-like marker of
self-regulation, reductions in resting vagally-mediated
HRV are of special relevance reflecting an individual’s
capacity to flexibly and appropriately respond and adapt,
both physiologically and behaviorally, to changing
environmental demands (60–64). The finding of reduced
resting vagally-mediated HRV indicates that an increase
in exhaustion symptoms may be accompanied by impairment
in this dynamic regulatory ability, a condition
which has previously been associated with increased risk
for all-cause morbidity and mortality (5).”