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Curcumin for Joint Health

Kristen Sparrow • July 07, 2017

Man with sore kneeFrom the Rhonda Patrick podcast she makes the case for curcumin, expecially a formulation with phosphatidylcholine for better absorption.  If anyone would like me to get them some of this formulation, I have it in the clinic.

“As an alternative to the use of NSAIDs, however, I’ve found curcumin is actually very helpful. Curcumin is sort of an interesting compound. It exhibits a pretty diverse array of potentially beneficial properties but as a xenobiotic that the body actively makes an effort to get rid of, its activity can be limited unless care is taken to try to make it more bioavailable. There’s a few different formulations that attempt to do that, but the one I’ve found the most interesting is a formulation known as meriva which has been shown to exhibit certain pain-relieving properties.”

I don’t have “meriva” but I have a similar formulation from Health Concerns, my “go to” and trusted company for herbs.