Ethics in Medicine

CT Scans Increase Children’s Cancer Risk, Study Finds

Kristen Sparrow • June 09, 2012

I heard this report on NPR and found the story.  We’ve discussed the perils of radiation here, and here among other posts.  CT’s were also mentioned by the Panel on Preventative Medicine featured in the Newsletter here.  Obviously, sometimes CT’s are utterly necessary, but need to be considered carefully especially in children,

 Undergoing CT scans as a child may increase cancer risk, a new study finds.

CT scans in children can cause small but significant increases in the risk of leukemia and brain cancer, a new study finds.
Researchers say the results do not mean that CT scans should be avoided entirely — they can be vitally important in certain situations, like diagnosing severe head injuries — but that the test should be performed only when necessary, and with the lowest possible dose of radiation.