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Corona Virus Epidemiology: The Hammer and the Dance

Kristen Sparrow • March 22, 2020

This is a long article explaining the need for extreme measures (the hammer) up front to slow the spread of the virus.  This achieves many positive outcomes down the road.  If the hospitals are overwhelmed, not only do you get more deaths from the virus, but collateral damage too.  People with heart attacks or accidents can’t get help

Countries which have effectively slowed the rate of infection to close to zero used lots of testing.  If we had adequate testing, the measures taken could be more strategic, more surgical.  Though some say that no one could have seen this coming and it couldn’t be helped are wrong.  We have other countries who saw this coming and had the testing and expertise to deal with it.  South Korea, Tai Wan.  And, not not because they’re not democracies.  If we can get our testing up to speed, the death rate and economic damage will be limited.  There may be some new cases, as seen in the graph, but manageable.