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Control Your Stress With Acupuncture to Rest, Restore and Live Long: Video

Kristen Sparrow • July 21, 2023

topic of stress and why controlling it is crucial for your well-being and how to do that. Click on my photo for a brief video

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Control Your Stress and Live Long

Greetings!  And welcome to my channel and blog! Where ancient medicine is made modern.

Today we’ll dive into the topic of stress and why controlling it is crucial for your well-being and how to do that. Click on my photo for a brief video.

We all know that feeling of startle or fear when we hear the sudden bark of a big dog nearby.  Our heart races, and our body is keyed up and gets ready to flee or fight.  This is caused by the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system.  It is automatic and keys up for survival.  We lose our appetite, and all of our resources are primed to fight or climb up a tree.  In this situation, we’ve shut down our parasympathetic vagal activity, the other branch of the autonomic nervous system, which helps us rest, digest and restore or heal ourselves.

In our modern world, being eaten by lions isn’t our most pressing threat, but we can face constant other challenges that can lead to a fight or flight reaction.  A nagging boss, a potential loss of a job or of a love, or a big presentation or job interview or even getting stuck in traffic.  These constant threats can lower our vagal nerve activity and lead to many health problems. When our stress levels are high and our vagal activity is low, it hurts our digestion, immune responses, heart, and mood: and the inflammation it causes can even lead to cancer.  So we want to increase vagal activity to fight this constant stress in our lives. So how do we do this?

Breathing techniques, exercise and some forms of meditation all help increase vagal activity and fight stress and inflammation, but Acupuncture is fantastic at this.

Acupuncture reduces inflammation and promotes relaxation, positive mood, better sleep, and even longevity. The beauty of regular acupuncture is that it keeps your restorative vagal activity high, allowing you to respond with equanimity to daily challenges and keep you resilient.

Consider acupuncture as a key element in maintaining your edge, fostering positivity productivity, and prolonging your life.

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