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Clinical Case Study: Complexity and Parasympathetic

Kristen Sparrow • March 24, 2016

I’ve been focusing on getting my presentation ready for the Anaheim AAMA conference coming up.  But, as usual, when diving into any new research in my field, I’ve encountered some new perspectives that have been thought provoking.

I’ve been in correspondence with Xavier Bornas who has done interesting work on Flight Phobia and HRV-no acupuncture- other types of treatment.  He feels that complexity is a very important piece of the puzzle.  I always measure and record Sample Entropy. He says that this is superior to DF alpha1 because it’s more representative in short measurements.

Here is some data on a patient of mine who has allergies and chronic fatigue.  I changed the treatment yesterday to try to boost him up and ignore any points that increased vagal activity.  Keep in mind that in this chart bigger values represent better complexity and more vagal activity (both theoretically good.)  Unfortunately, he still struggles clinically.  With this last treatment I’m hoping for the healing shift!

Ro.Ka Sampen_HF 3.23.16











Here is

Here is his parasympathetic activity.

Ro.Ka HF 3.23.16