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Autonomic Activity and HRV

Kristen Sparrow • August 30, 2014


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I was reviewing the Wikipedia entry on HRV and found this sentence.
“It is important to note that HRV measures fluctuations in autonomic inputs to the heart rather than the mean level of autonomic inputs. Thus, both withdrawal and saturatingly high levels of autonomic input to the heart can lead to diminished HRV.”
So I wonder about much of my work.  Should I simply be looking for the degree of fluctuation, not LF/HF up or down?  I’ve been digging into the data on this patient  trying to see if there was ANY thing to suggest the “crisis of cure” was happening.  Nothing so far.  I just can’t figure it out.  But now wondering if there is a more general shift that I could have picked up.  The good news is that the patient continues to do exceedingly well, she’s basically cured of headaches and fatigue.  So there’s that…