Medical Research

Austrian Acupuncture and HRV study Part 3: moxibustion and Moxsafe

Kristen Sparrow • October 17, 2010

The third part of the Austrian Study looks at moxibustion on CV4 (a point on the lower abdomen corresponding to Dan Tien) and heart rate variability (HRV.) There appears to be an effect on HRV with moxa on Dan Tien. This is interesting, but how it is of interest clinically is uncertain since the effect is fairly small. I am quite interested in trying the new Moxsafe system from Seirin, however.
Twenty healthy Chinese volunteers were evaluated at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Two different kinds of moxibustion were performed at the acupoint Guanyuan (CV4). Ten volunteers received a new form of needle moxibustion called Moxsafe, basically a metal holder for moxa applied directly to a needle. Ten volunteers received traditional stick moxibustion to CV4. Both showed a significant decrease in heart rate. The effect was slightly more pronounced using the new needle-moxa-system.. Total HRV was significantly increased only when Moxsafe was used. LF/HF ratio was insignificantly altered using both methods.

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