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Auricular Electro-acupuncture and HRV

Kristen Sparrow • September 13, 2015


statue of Kuan Yin
Kuan Yin
Goddess of Compassion
“She who hears the cries of the world”

This study looks at electro acupuncture in the concha of the ear(link was to previous post that gives innervation of ear:concha only 45% vagal). In this study, they stimulated the left ear with electro acupuncture at 10 hz and also had a manual acupuncture group, placebo acupuncture group, and a control group.  The found that only the electro-acupuncture group showed vagal enhancement with treatment.  Part of their conclusion–>
“A long-lasting increase of HRV, which constitutes an index of adaptability of the whole organism to respond to rapidly changing demands of the environment and furthermore can constitute a type of resource when these demands request emotional regulation [8], should be examined in future studies.”
Zurich study stimulated the concha or canal using 10hz, Auricular ear stim acupuncture and vagal activity