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Acupuncture versus Ajovy_fremanezumab

Kristen Sparrow • April 15, 2023

woman with headacheThere was no difference between the acupuncture and fremanezumab in the reduction of monthly migraine rates.  Think about that!  This is an injectable, expensive drug that you would need to take for a long time.  I would venture to guess from my own experience with migraine patients, that with acupuncture you need less and less treatment.

Acupuncture vs fremanezumab 2023

“There was no difference in the reduction of monthly migraine days or responder rate between acupuncture and fremanezumab; however, the rate of reported adverse events was 25% in the acupuncture group and 66% in the fremanezumab group.

The acupuncture data used in this analysis came from one of the first large 3-armed RCTs conducted as part of the Modellvorhaben Akupunktur,[6] and the first author was Klaus Linde. Klaus was also responsible for the first SR to demonstrate an effect of acupuncture over sham in migraine prophylaxis.[7] The same review demonstrated a marginal benefit of acupuncture over drug prophylaxis. Subsequently, a more recent SR with TSA has confirmed superiority of acupuncture over the drugs in terms of responder rates,[8] but not yet in terms of migraine episodes.”