Medical Research

Acupuncture in the Military

Kristen Sparrow • August 19, 2012

From the previous post, the author also highlighted the increasing use of Acupuncture in the Military.  I have learned the “battlefield protocol” which is auriculoacupuncture.  But I thought the discussion was of interest, so will link to the article and excerpt here.

The military has been studying CAM therapies, (acupuncture, yoga, meditation), for some time and an article in the
December 2011 issue of Wired magazine on this topic specifically noted the military was had been criticized for the
amount of money poured into this effort given the lack of scientific studies (RCTs) that supported efficacy.
The article indicated the military stands firm on their position regarding acupuncture, and quoted (Col.) Dr. Richard
Petri “There’s been vigorous research in combat and out. We know it works.” We know it works too and now our profession
has the military backing up that statement.
Battlefield acupuncture has been introduced into combat zones, and based on their findings the plan is to now roll the
program out across all branches of service. The conclusion of the military has been that acupuncture has demonstrated
effectiveness and benefits for the veterans.