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Acupuncture for PMS,and Stress Data Clinical Case Study Ja.Le.

Kristen Sparrow • October 11, 2016


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This is the story and data from a patient who has severe PMS and comes in before her cycle every month to relieve the irritability, and recently the painful breasts.  She also has some mild hypertension.  In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) PMS is a liver stagnation issue, as is hypertension.  She is an avid athlete and does massive amounts of aerobic activity which should mitigate her symptoms, but it isn’t enough.  The Acupuncture works for her very well.

Review: HRV is a measure of autonomic balance /stress levels)

Each group of columns represents one clinic visit, each column 3 minutes of data.

I look at each visit for response and also over time (weeks to months).

What I would like to point out with this data, is that with the breast tenderness assuming a more prominent complaint position, I changed the treatment to add some thorax liver points (tip from this article).ja-le-10-3-16-lf-hf  So we see that her stress was quite low with this treatment, but we’ve seen other treatments that are pretty low, too.

But what is interesting is that her sympathetic activity, her fright/flight has markedly decreased with this treatment, not just her parasympathetic (rest and digest) increasing. Look how low her sympathetic activity is with these last two treatments!  Fascinating!


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