Medical Research

Acupuncture for PCOS

Kristen Sparrow • October 27, 2013

isams logoNo abstract nor powerpoint link for Stener Vitorin’s talk on PCOS.  So will simply copy down the notes I took at the lecture.
PCOS is characterized by high ACTH.  This leads to hypersecretion of the ovaries of testosterone and well as hyperinsulinemia and increased sympathetic activity.
Low frequency (2HZ) acupuncture on the abdomen leads to increased ovulation.  The protocol is CV 3 and 4 and St 29 with electro.  St 36 and Sp9 manual with stim 10 min for 30 min.
In her study, low frequency acupuncture was better than exercise after 16 weeks and there was less acne also.
Low frequency leads to increased ovarian blood flow with decreased sympathetic input due to central influences(?)
Different mechanisms of action.  Electrical leads to opioids, manual leads to sex steroids.
Innervation T11 and T12 is uterus.  S2-S4 parasympathetic.