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Acupuncture attenuates Common Cold

Kristen Sparrow • June 25, 2021

Submitted for consideration.



To investigate beneficial effects of manual acupuncture on common cold periods and its symptoms depended on the difference onset time of common cold, within 36 h or over than that. To prove effects of manual acupuncture on common cold, a retrospective chart review was conducted.


Chart data for patients with common cold who were treated with only manual acupuncture with fulfilling Jackson scales and satisfaction at the end of each treatment were collected via multi-centers of Oriental hospitals, Oriental medicine clinics and covalent hospital in South Korea. Totally 187 patients were divided into two groups, Group I (115 patients, within 36 h) and Group II (72 patients, onset time of cold over than 36 h). Finally 120 patients were observed until entire resolution of cold symptoms.


Group I showed significant decreases the median durations of completely recovery (3 days; 95% CI 3.0-4.0) as compared with Group II (6 days; 95% CI 4.0-7.0, P < 0.001). The manual acupuncture beneficially worked for reduction rate of common cold symptoms by 50% after initial treatment, decreased cold symptoms, and reduced cold duration.


Manual acupuncture beneficially affected common cold and its symptoms. Moreover it is more susceptibility on the early time of onset cold.