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Acupuncture: A type of hormesis?

Kristen Sparrow • September 08, 2013


Cold Water. A type of hormesis?
Cold Water. A type of hormesis?

In working on the poster and exploring alternative models for acupuncture effectiveness for the “Discussion” section, I came across this article as cited in “Getting Stronger,” a blog devoted to hormesis.
Interesting stuff.
“External stressor-induced initial changes in the level of controlled variables are first detected by these molecular sensors. The signal is then relayed to activate specific transcription factors (in some cases the transcription factors themselves can serve directly as the sensor molecules). Closing the feedback loop, activated transcription factors upregulate expression of a suite of anti-stress genes, which encode metabolic enzymes working coordinately to counteract the changes in controlled variables brought about by the perturbing stressors. As a result, within a wide dose range of the stressors, the steady-state concentrations of controlled variables may not change as much due to the operation of this homeostatic control mechanism.”