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Clinical Data: TAVNS Transcutaneous Auricular Vagal Nerve Stimulation for Hypertension improves HRV

Kristen Sparrow • November 07, 2019

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TAVNS for Hypertension best at 100HZ

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Tales from the Clinic

This blog post discussed a new study by (friend of blog) Vitaly Napadow, that 100Hz stimulation to the cymba concha was better than other frequencies in lowering blood pressure.  They did not look at HRV.  Here is some data from a long term patient who comes about once every 3 weeks or so to treat her high blood pressure.  It has worked quite well for her, with her most recent blood pressure being 111/70.  Quite good by any standard.

Data shows added benefit for HRV with TAVNS in acupuncture treatment

The first graph is not broken down by visit, but I include it because it shows an overall increase in HRV over time (3 years in this case).  It makes a pretty picture.
The graphs that follow, show the effect of TAVNS in addition to acupuncture.  The 100 hz stimulation that was added for that last two visits, does seem to give additional increase in parasympathetic activity and decrease in sympathetic activity. obviously more data needs to be collected!
HRV RMSSD in hypertension over time