Ethics in Medicine

Stem Cell Injections Flourish With Little Evidence That They Work

Kristen Sparrow • May 17, 2019

I had no idea that these were not fully vetted by the FDA! As the article points out, these injections are extremely common and some insurance even pays. Wow.  The FDA has taken an “industry friendly” position on allowing these injections.  Are they safe?  Do they work?  Who knows?  Money to be made!  Astonishing.  Apparently there is no evidence of efficacy.  People feel better, but as we all know,  without double blind placebo controlled studies we don’t know if it’s the shots or not. I’m keenly aware of the necessity for these studies since those of us in the acupuncture research community are held to a scrupulous standard for our studies and a sham arm is required. But then there is no big money to be made in acupuncture…