Case Studies

Migraine and Stress Levels, HRV, and Results(Sa.Be.)

Kristen Sparrow • September 17, 2016

More data from one of the migraine patients featured here.  Remember decreasing stress levels as measured by HRV, improves pain, immune function, mood and longevity.  In the case of migraine, it raises the threshold that will lead to migraine.  In this case, she has now has had 5 visits, with no migraine in spite of multiple triggers. Nice!  But the data is just gorgeous.


This is her overall stress levels.  Each group of columns is one treatment, the dark blue is needling segment.  You see a nice decrease after needling, bumpy but there.  Over time an overall decrease too.








This is her parasympathetic activity, her “rest and digest”  vagal activity.  Nice increase over time.









This is her complexity data DFAα1.  I include this because my most recent finding is that in patients with a high initial HRV and high parasympathetic activity to start, it’s more sensitive to look at complexity measures.  This one is great because lower=lower stress, so much easier to remember. Look at that decrease!  Nice!sa-be-dfa-9-15-16