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Microneedling adjunct to Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation

Kristen Sparrow • March 02, 2016


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Simple and effective

This is a good summary of the benefits of microneedling.  This article gives instructions to Acupuncture practitioners on how to use it in the clinic.  I prefer to have patients use it themselves.  Acupuncture Facial rejuvenation has benefits that go deeper than collagen stimulation, but the microneedling can be quite helpful cosmetically.

How Microneedling Can Improve Acupuncture Facial
By Anthony Kingston
Lets start by exposing a major myth. It has become a common advertising claim in recent years that AFR
works mainly by increasing collagen production. This is in fact not true. Collagen induction only plays a
very small role in the function of AFR. Microneedling has been widely researched by both the
pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Their large research budgets have allowed us to learn a lot more
about the way in which needles can increase collagen induction naturally in the skin.
There are some important points we need to understand straight away. Even when using much longer
needles, collagen induction only takes place up to a depth of 0.6mm into the skin.
Penetration any deeper
than this, although it may improve other results, will not increase the production of collagen. Collagen
produced through needling in fact attaches to the border of the dermis and epidermis in the papillary layer of
the dermis itself.
A single treatment with a micro needle roller containing 192 micro needles can increase collagen production
in the skin by an average of 206%.
An average treatment may roll over the skin between 15 to 20 times in
each area. When the roller is rolled across the skin 15 times, it produces an average of 215 punctures per
square centimetre.