Ethics in Medicine

Looking For Methods to Mitigate Alzheimer's Disease

Kristen Sparrow • July 25, 2011

From today’s New York Times, an article looking at various conditions that, if mitigated, will help to avoid Alzheimer’s. I won’t copy much of the article.
But the following I will file in the “I Did Not Know That” file,(in bold.) I knew there were other reasons to avoid menopausal hormones, but this reason I was unaware of.

The panel found the strongest evidence for only one conclusion: that the herb gingko biloba does not prevent Alzheimer’s. There was moderate evidence that neither vitamin E nor drugs called cholinesterase inhibitors, used to treat dementia symptoms, decrease risk of Alzheimer’s. And there was moderate evidence that the gene ApoE4 significantly increases Alzheimer’s risk, as does menopause therapy with estrogens and progestins.

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