Case Studies

Improvement in HRV, Autonomic Balance Over Time? Vi.Le edition RMSSD

Kristen Sparrow • October 06, 2018

Ancient Medicine Made Modern: Clinical Stories

This data is from a patient we’ve looked at before. One overriding goal of this HRV project (looking at stress levels and autonomic balance in conjunction with acupuncture) is to explore and document stress levels over time with consistent treatment.  Of course correlation doesn’t mean causation, but it is something that is of tremendous interest and focus to me.  Part of the reason for this is that autoimmune conditions, can be difficult to treat and are characterized by flares and quiescence.

This data looks at the time variable of RMSSD of HRV over time.  Individual treatment dates are not included since what I was getting at is a snapshot of her HRV over time. This is data from 12.7.2017 to 10.4.2018.   So not scientific, but encouraging nonetheless.