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High Blood Pressure, Anxiety, Acupuncture and HRV: Te.Ca edition

Kristen Sparrow • December 10, 2016


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This has been a satisfying case.  Blood pressure and anxiety are well under control and her HRV data is interesting also. I’ve been treating her for a few months and we are exploring use of the customized ear stim device that I’ve been prototyping for home use to help decrease stress levels.  In this data you see that tweaking which ear, and which frequency, we have optimized results so we know which ear to use for the custom ear electrode and which frequency may be best. (Of course this may be chance, so we’ll keep working on it, but it’s a fun project.)

In her case because of her initial physiological state as determined by HRV, (won’t go into details because 1. It’s kind of eye glazingly technical and 2. I think it might be a trade secret 😉  you would expect her HF norm (parasympathetic activity) and her Sample Entropy (nonlinear measure of HRV) to be the most representative of her stress levels.    As you can see in her data, and many other patients’ data there seems to be a return to the mean after a month or so and then an upswing again.