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Goals and Feedback

Kristen Sparrow • February 24, 2015


statue of Kuan Lin
Kuan Lin
Goddess of Compassion
“She who hears the cries of the world”

This article on productivity and the need for “flow” made me think about my research project and how both of those concepts are integral to what I’m trying to achieve.
The goal of my research project, which is optimizing acupuncture treatment using heart rate variability monitoring, has as it’s goal achieving a healing shift in all patients.   The article points out that immediate feedback can help to keep you on track and even uses the example in medicine, that general practioners do not get immediate feedback, but surgeons do.
“Studies have found that in professions with less direct feedback loops — stock analysis, psychiatry, medicine — even the best get worse over time. Surgeons, by contrast, are the only physicians that improve the longer they’re out of medical school. Why? Mess up on the table and someone dies. That’s immediate feedback.”
So what I’ve been trying to develop and achieve in acupuncture practice is this secondary feedback system that gives additional information within a few minutes of treatment.  Of course, DURING, treatment would be even better, but I have yet to figure out a system that would achieve that as well as give the detail to make the data worthwhile.
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