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Clinical Cases: TVNS only Ma.Mi, Te. Ca

Kristen Sparrow • January 22, 2017

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These data sets are in two patients who showed some improvement in their autonomic balance with estim, or Transcutaneous Vagal Nerve Stimulation (TVNS) as shown by HRV.  I wanted to see what their data would look like without the needling, just estim.  In both cases, they showed improved autonomic balance with lowered sympathetic activity and some improvement in SampEn (nonlinear data.)  The data, as always, are not super convincing, but there may be a trend. In each case it was the last treatment date where no needles were used, just TVNS.   In the  50 year old, the data looks pretty good (ok, anecdotal, but still)  in the 70+ year old, meh.

So I keep collecting and registering data.  There is a pattern here.  I just have to find it.


graph of sympathetic activity intention tremor patient
Sympathetic Activity (Fright or Flight). Each group of columns represents a treatment. 1.19.2017 is estim only without needling

Sympathetic Activity 70 yr old intention tremor


parasympathetic activity 70+ year old with intention tremor





50 + year old with hypertension and anxiety sympathetic activity lower = healthier
50+ yr old with hypertension and anxiety Sampen nonlinear higher=healthier