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Clinical Case Study: Stress Reduction An.Ma

Kristen Sparrow • February 26, 2017

Photo of Kuan Yin Acupuncture to relieve suffering
Kuan Yin Who Hears the Cries of the World

This data is to illustrate a patient’s overall stress reduction over time.  This patient is 50+ and comes in for cosmetic acupuncture in addition to routine treatments for “maintenance.” Her treatments only vary slightly from session to session since the bulk of the needling is cosmetic.  Her other ongoing issues are allergies, sleeping, and stress.  As my readers know, of course these are all related.  As in the previous post, previous patient, her baseline stress levels are good (RMSSD 20 to 60, pnn50 .1 to .25) so  complexity measures may help to represent her stress levels.  As you can see in the green graph where higher levels indicate lower stress, there are nice spikes which show a decrease in stress levels.

Stress Levels (LF/HF) each session and over time





Complexity with Parasympathetic (SampenxHFnorm) Higher=Lower stress