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Clinical Case Studies: PMS and Harris Protocol Ja.Le.

Kristen Sparrow • May 16, 2017

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I’ve written about Dr. Richard Harris’ protocol for chemotherapy fatigue.  I have been experimenting a bit to see if what effect the protocol done with needles has on patients.

This case study is of a patient who is in her late 40/50’s and approaching menopause and has incredible mood swings with PMS.  Acupuncture helps her unlike any other remedy she has tried.  She’s super healthy and fit.

So this data looks at various treatment options.  The Harris protocol seemed to increase her parasympathetic activity and decrease her sympathetic activity.  I’ve been trying this protocol on others, and it doesn’t always have the same effect so I’m trying to figure out why.  In this data, it looks like the Harris protocol decreases sympathetic activity quite effectively.




Parasympathetic Activity, Higher Better, “rest and diges”
graph of sympathetic activity
Sympathetic Activity, Lower = Healthier “Fright or Flight”