Case Studies

Clinical Case: Post Concussion Headache

Kristen Sparrow • April 24, 2016

This data is from a patient I’ve seen for many months.  She had very quick response to acupuncture, but looking at her stress response LF/HF it was harder to see a decisive relaxation response.  I really expected to see something more since she had quick and definitive improvement.  You see some relaxation response during treatment, but it is jagged.  It looks positive, for sure, but still puzzling.  (The first session shows low LF/HF, this is a trend that I’ve noticed in many, many patients and have no idea why the stress levels are often lower on the initial visit._


El.Ne LF.HF4.24.16

But in preparing for my talk at the AAMA, I corresponded with a researcher from Spain who looks at HRV in conjunction with therapy for Flight Phobia.  He recommended that I look at more complexity measures, in particular he recommends Sample Entropy (SampEn.)  This is a measure I look at, but don’t typically chart.

So look at her Sampen Data.  Larger values indicate higher complexity and better variability.

El.Ne Sampen 4.24.16This data shows remarkable spikes.  This is something I’m seeing in certain patients and it warrants watching.  This may be the indication of the “healing shift” in this case.