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Alternating Auricular Vagal Stimulation, HRV Data: De. Bo edition

Kristen Sparrow • August 01, 2017

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I haven’t been sharing much data lately, just due to other projects and travel.

Here is some data from a patient who values electrical ear stimlulation that provides increased vagal activity, ie increased “rest and digest” and has a unit at home to use.  Though she’s not gotten around to use it much recently, we experimented with using bilateral alternating ear stimulation.  The data for the last visit, 7.31.17, shows bilat ear stim only, and then bilat ear stim with needling.  The green data is a combination of vagal activity (parasympathetic activity) and complexity data.  This combination can sometimes reveal more. 






The gray data shows sympathetic activity.  Ideally you would like to see  a decrease in sympathetic activity with needling/electrostim and over time.  Anecdotally, this measure seems to be particularly affected in Allergy patients.  This patient has some allergy symptoms.