Case Studies

Acupuncture, HRV and High Blood Pressure (Jo.Ma)

Kristen Sparrow • August 21, 2016

As part of my ongoing research on stress response and acupuncture treatment,  today’s post features  data from a patient seeking treatment for hypertension, and also knee stiffness after bilateral knee replacements.

I’m featuring his Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data ( a measure of his stress response) complexity data combined with the parasympathetic activity because it makes a clear, pretty picture.

I treated his knees with standard points as well as scar needling.  On 8.10.16 I did LI11 and LI10 with electro at 2HZ.  On 8.17.16 I did electro at 36E and 37E at 2HZ.  Both of these prescriptions have been part of Longhurst’s protocol for high blood pressure.  Some early response showed reduction in his BP and his knees feeling more flexible. Nice increase in complexity and parasympathetic activity during treatment and over time.  This correlates with reduced stress. Blood Pressure measures below each treatment session along with the date.

Jo.Mal 8.17.16