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Acupuncture, Heart Rate Variability and Neuropathy (Do.Al)

Kristen Sparrow • June 16, 2016


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This is a patient’s Acupuncture/ HRV data who has been diligently coming for over 2 years for neuropathy.  When she started she had mood disorder and depression, partly from the Neurontin she was taking in addition to pain in her feet and in her hands.  She responded well to Acupuncture and has very little disability at this point.  She continues to get pains in her feet from time to time when she overdoes it, which she often does since she’s a busy executive with family and hobbies in addition.

This is her last year’s worth of data.  I think this kind of data is priceless. If you have the time and resources, it underscores the benefits of consistent treatment. Though weekly treatment is not required, nor the norm,  she was able to do that and it has really paid off.

As you can see, the data is “noisy” and erratic (which is typical for physiological measures), but I think you can see that over time she has had a decrease in her stress levels.Remember with LF/HF data, lower values are healthier.

Alexander 6.15.16 lf_hf. min3to18

Alexander 6.15.16 HF 3 to15min













This data is her parasympathetic only. You can see the jagged, but overall increasing parasympathetic activity.  Nice!


This is her overall sympathetic tone over time, not broken down by treatment date.


Clinical Responder Lower values healthier
Clinical Responder
Lower values healthier


Alexander dfa 6.22.16









This is complexity data over the course of treatment. Lower values here healthier also.