Case Studies

Acupuncture for Intention Tremor and Stress: HRV Ma. Mi.

Kristen Sparrow • March 10, 2017

This is a case we’ve discussed before and this patient was included in my most recent journal article.  Ironically, in the journal article I say that even though she had good clinical improvement, her HRV response was not significant.  That is not true now that she has continued with treatment and her data paints a pretty picture.  A gradual but definitive increase in her parasympathetic activity and HRV over time, and a decrease in her sympathetic activity over time.






chart of sympathetic activity with acupuncture
Sum of Sympathetic (Fright /flight) Activity for minutes 6 to 12 for each treatment: Notice the reduction over time













Detailed sympathetic activity for each acupuncture treatment over time