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Acupuncture for Headache and Anxiety

Kristen Sparrow • April 14, 2015


statue of Kuan Lin
Kuan Lin
Goddess of Compassion
“She who hears the cries of the world”

This is another clinical case, looking at the same research questions as this one.
This is the case of a young woman age 25, who had a concussion after being thrown from a horse.  She had severe headaches and extreme difficulty focusing on her work.  So that was the first problem.  The second thing that continued to be an issue until recently was waking up with a racing heart and anxiety.
There are a few things that make this case a nice illustration. 1. She has come in consistently. 2. I have been able to get a good HRV tracing (not always the case.)  3.  She had/has a well defined problem with well defined metric of improvement. ( headaches better in number? In intensity?  She has had good clinical results with headaches gone, and now anxiety also gone,at least for now.  There are other issues we’re dealing with as usual in clinical practice, but for now, her number 1 and 2  issues are gone.  She has been coming in since last October, but I will focus on recent data.  Perhaps cherry picking, but have to start somewhere.   These data look at the last few months when anxiety had become the more severe problem.  I fiddled around quite a bit with different treatment prescriptions and over the last few weeks she has had indwelling auricular needles in the cymba concha which she feels have helped her quite a bit.  Her anxiety is now gone.  So you can see overall (again, noisy data) she tends to spike with needling but then settles down during treatment, usually below baseline. There is some indication that her overall stress levels are decreasing, also. Weak, but possible. Representative treatment here

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El.Ne 4.13.15 combined data