Case Studies

Acupuncture for Fertility and HRV (Br.Vi)

Kristen Sparrow • September 27, 2016

statue of Kuan YinThis data is from a patient I successfully treated for fertility a few years ago.  She is now back for “round two.” I will probably keep this data on draft until we know what happens vis a vis pregnancy.  Given that many of the acupuncture protocols are aimed at improving uterine blood flow, and vagal enhancement does just that, increased vagal activity is a reasonable goal.

[Review: HRV is a measure of autonomic balance /stress levels)

Each group of columns represents one clinic visit, each column 3 minutes of data.

I look at each visit for response and also over time (weeks to months).]

br-vi-9-26-16-sampenxhfnormThis chart looks at complexity AND parasympathetic activity, to get a more sensitive picture of autonomic balance/stress response. We see a spike on 7.18.16 and I was hoping that would be a sign of pregnancy.  Alas, no.

We see improving autonomic activity on 9.22.16.  Hoping this is a harbinger of a successful conception.

This chart looks at complexity data only, another measure of autonomic balance that picks up changes in patients whose HRV is already fairly good, as in this patient. As you can see, this is picking up an improving trend over time, so keeping fingers firmly crossed for her!