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Acupuncture and Autoimmune (Ch.Va): HRV

Kristen Sparrow • October 13, 2016


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This “case of the day” highlights a few aspects of stress monitoring as a guide in Acupuncture.

Review: HRV is a measure of autonomic balance /stress levels)

Each group of columns represents one clinic visit, each column 3 minutes of data.

I look at each visit for response and also over time (weeks to months).

This is a busy Mom with many, many demands on her time, and autoimmune conditions that not only her, but her children also.  She has stress galore, and had a nasty cough that wouldn’t go away and it turned out it was whooping cough!



When she came in for treatment on 10.6.16 she was quite ill, so I did a “pure yang” treatment as is taught in TCM to avoid driving the perversive energy deeper into the system.

41GB 20GB yintang 3SI 62Bl 5TH 4LI 5TR

ch-va-lf-hf-10-10-16As you can see it looks like her stress levels were way up when she was so ill, no surprise.  But could it be due to the treatment strategy?






ch-va-sampenxhfnorm-10-10-16In this data, which combines parasympathetic with complexity, there isn’t much difference in apparent HRV.

So this makes me as a few questions.

Is this spike in stress levels as shows by LF/HF all due to LF(sympathetic tone)?  Most likely.

Is that increase in sympathetic tone due to illness or treatment strategy?

She  shows a nice increase in HRV over time, which is what you want in any autoimmune issue.