Medical Research

Acupuncture as Prevention: Gaining Traction PTSD and Earthquake Survivors

I’ve hypothesized for a long time that one of acupuncture’s real advantages is that it can actually prevent conditions before they arise by making the body more resilient.  This study and the accompanying commentary, discuss just that. Their study looks at whether a 5 week course of acupuncture can actually prevent PTSD from setting in….

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PTSD Stress Reduction Over Time: Daily TAVNS and HRV Ke.Co. edition

This data is quite encouraging.  This case is a 65+ year old male with PTSD with resulting defensive ideation, and fear.  As described  in the last blog post. ” This produces behaviors consistent with fight, flight, or immobilization that fluctuate depending on internal state and interactions with perceived threat (17–19). Variations in these defensive response…

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