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Health & Fitness

Vitamins are not the Value of Fruits and Vegetables

A very provocative take on why fruits and vegetables make you more resilient.  Hint: it’s not the vitamins.  They contain various “anti grazing” substances to keep them from being eaten and when we consume them, it is a form of hormesis, a mild stressor, that makes us stronger.  Vitamins actually block that stressor reaction and…

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Medical Research

Bee Venom at St36 reduces autoimmune encephalomyelitis

  Bee venom has been used traditionally in Chinese Medicine for decades but it seems to be getting more “buzz” lately. (pardon the pun)  This article shows that the bee venom needs to be injected into Stomach 36 for it to work, not in other acupuncture points.  Stomach 36 is the classic point (earth of…

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