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Case Studies

TAVNS and Acupuncture in the Clinic: J.L. and C.H. edition

After I used TAVNS on these patients in the same day, I realized they had some things in common. Both very athletic and hard workers.  One patient comes in for hot flashes/Pms, the other anxiety.  Both of them had a pronounced drop in their LF/HF with the TAVNS.  Is it reproducible?  We will see.  I’m…

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Medical Research

Intermittent Electrical Auricular Acupuncture Stimulation and HRV for Hot Flashes in Post surgical Prostate Patients

This group is experimenting with an approach that I have been using, ie electrical stimulation of the ear to normalize autonomic disturbances.  They’ve taken a more aggressive approach by placing electrodes in the ear and then giving 96 hours of intermittent ear stimulation (2 hours on, 2 hours off) every other week for 6 weeks. …

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Health & Fitness

Self Administered Acupuncture for Hot Flashes and Chemotherapy Fatigue Part I

This was one of my favorite talks by Jacqueling Filshie an Anesthesiologist in charge of the Pain Clinic at The Royal Marsden Hospital in the UK.  Abstract here.Jacqueline Filshie. Power Point presentation here. Jacqueline Filshie_ppt Hot flashes is a huge issue in patients recommended to take Tamoxifen because the hot flashes can lead to early…

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