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Hormesis Health

Friend of blog, Zach Haigney has a fascinating new website called hormesis health.  We’ve discussed hormesis before on the blog, but not recently. The concept of hormesis quoting Zach is “The idea is that low level stressors have a beneficial or stimulatory effect while the higher levels or doses of the same stressor have detrimental…

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Case Studies

Adaptive Homeostasis: Beyond Hormesis: Acupuncture as Illustration

I maintain that acupuncture is a form of hormesis.  After listening to the latest Ferriss podcast about raptomycin and metformin for life extension, I just shake my head.  Risk/benefit not defined if you’re going to use them for life extension.  Acupuncture is self regulating, urging the body to heal itself.  The most elegant of remedies. …

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